House League

IMG_9700 The house league division is the core of the High Park T-Ball experience. It’s a great way to spend the summer, with lots of fun for kids and parents alike. The league takes close to 200 players across 14 teams, each with an even distribution of skills and experience (we evaluate each child before the season starts so we can make the teams as even as possible).

Our volunteer parent coaches are trained and dedicated – expect your child to learn! In addition to working on their baseball skills like throwing, catching, and hitting, kids learn important baseball strategies for base-running and making plays.

Schedule and locations: what to expect

  • Practice: Each team has a regular weekly practice on a dedicated day at a designated diamond in the neighbourhood (not at High Park).
  • Games: All games take place at the High Park T-ball diamond
    • Games can be any day of the week; you’ll get your full schedule at the beginning of the season.
    • Teams play three pre-season games in late April and early May, and the  regular season begins in the middle of May.
    • In May and June most teams will have a practice and two games each week; the game schedule slows down a bit in the summer months.
    • We try not to schedule house league games on the weekends in July and August (but don’t hold us to it).
  • Playoffs: Playoffs begin the day after Labour Day, when each team will play a minimum of three games in two weeks.