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Frequently Asked Questions

What day of the week are house league games played?

High Park T-Ball house league games are played every day of the week. Teams will play three pre-season games in late April, and early May, and the sixteen-game regular season begins in the middle of May. In May and June most teams will have a practice and two games each week. We try not to schedule house league games on the weekends in the summer. Playoffs begin the day after Labour Day, when each team will play a minimum of three games in two weeks. You can see the most recent version of the schedule here.

What day of the week does the Instructional League play?


Can my five-year-old play in the house league with the six, seven and eight-year-olds?

For the past several years we have been full to capacity in our house league program, and our policy is to give priority to the players who meet the age requirements. Only if enrolment falls short of our expectations, may we then be able to accomodate some five-year-olds in the house league.

Can you put my son or daughter on the same team as his or her sibling?

Brothers and sisters who meet the age criteria are always placed on the same team.

Can you put my son or daughter on the same team as his or her best friend?

We try to fulfill requests for friends to be on the same team, but only if doing so will not affect the balance of the league. It is usually possible to place younger players on the team requested.

Why has High Park T-Ball changed the rules regarding age eligibility?

At High Park T-Ball we play under the rules and regulations of Little League International.

How does High Park T-Ball determine the age of a child?

Beginning in the 2016 season, age will be determined by the following chart. 


6 year-olds – Sept.1, 2009 to Aug.31, 2010

7 year-olds – Sept.1, 2008 to Aug.31, 2009

8 year-olds – Sept.1, 2007 to Aug. 31, 2008 



High Park T-Ball All-Star Day

High Park T-Ball All-Star Day