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High Park T-Ball Diamonds 2012

High Park Diamonds 2012

High Park T-Ball Juniors 2012

High Park Juniors 2012

High Park T-Ball Junior All-Stars 2012

High Park Junior All-Stars 2012

High Park T-Ball Selects 2012

High Park Selects 2012

High Park T-Ball All-Stars 2012

2012 High Park T-Ball All-Stars 2012

Each year, High Park T-Ball fields teams to compete in tournaments around the province. Participation on one of these teams requires both skill and commitment. The girls and boys on the rep teams put in hours of extra practice in preparation for these tournaments.

In 2014 we sent five teams to tournaments across Southern Ontario. The High Park All-Stars are eight-year old players who compete with the best T-Ball teams in the province with great success. The Braves have won the Ancaster World T-Ball Tournament seven times in the last ten years. The Select team is also composed mainly of 8-year-old players, who will play against other teams of similar ability. The Junior All-Star team is chosen from the seven-year-olds in the league -- with the addition of some six-year-olds -- to play in the AAA division at tournaments. The Junior team, made up of six- and seven-year-old girls and boys, made it's debut in 2011.

In 2012, we fielded an all-girls team for the first time since 2006. The High Park Diamonds will soon begin preparing for a fourth season.

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Rep Team Selection

In order to make the selection process as fair and open as possible, open tryouts will be held in late May and early June for the High Park T-Ball Rep Teams. This year we plan to field at least four teams to give an opportunity to as many players as possible. The players selected will represent the best traditions of High Park at up to four tournaments.

Prospective rep team players must be prepared to attend weekly practices and be available for the weekend tournaments in July and August. Selection for the team will be based on baseball skills, attitude and commitment demonstrated during try-outs and practices. All interested players are encouraged to attend. Interested parents are asked to check the scheduled dates of tournaments to ensure that their child will be available.

Tournament Dates 2015

(No team will attend all tournaments; check with the coach.)

Scott Park Tournament
June 27-28

Oakville T-Ball Tournament
July 4-5

Erindale T-Ball Tune-Up Tournament
July 17-19

Ancaster World T-Ball Tournament
Civic Holiday Weekend
Friday July 31 to Monday August

Turtle Club Silver Tee Tournament
To Be Determined

Dundas T-Ball Tournament
Labour Day Weekend
Friday September 4 to Sunday September 6

Tournament Maps

2011 High Park T-Ball All-Stars

High Park T-Ball All-Stars 2011

2011 High Park T-Ball Junior All-Stars

High Park Junior All-Stars 2011

2011 High Park T-Ball Selects

High Park T-Ball Selects 2011

2011 High Park T-Ball Juniors

High Park T-Ball Juniors2011


2010 High Park T-Ball All-Stars

2010 High Park T-Ball All-Stars

2010 High Park T-Ball Junior All-Stars

2010 High Park T-Ball Junior All-Stars

2010 High Park T-Ball Selects

2010 High Park Selects  - Silver Tee C Division Champions


High Park All-Stars Win Ancaster World T-Ball Championship
High Park All-Stars: 2009 World T-Ball Champions

High Park Junior All-Stars: 2009 AAA Finalists at Ancaster World T-Ball Tournament
HP Junior All-Stars: 2009 World T-Ball AAA Finalists

High Park Selects: Ancaster 2009 - Credit Susan Baird
2009 High Park Selects at World T-Ball Tournament


2008 World T-Ball Champions

2008 Ancaster Champions

2008 Ancaster AAA Finalists

2007 World T-Ball Champions

2007 High Park T-Ball Selects

2006 World T-Ball Champions

2006 High Park T-Ball Selects

2006 High Park T-Ball Gems

2006 Erindale T-Ball Tune-Up Tournament Photos

Ancaster World Invitational T-Ball Tournament 2005 Photos

2005 High Park T-Ball All-Stars

2005 High Park T-Ball Selects

2004 World T-Ball Champion Braves

2004 World T-Ball Champion Braves